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ThinkCP Computing Systems™

ThinkTankIQ™ advanced technology system platforms provide customers with the latest in clusters, servers and workstations for scientific research, media, graphics and all high-performance computing requirements. The ThinkPower™ Systems line-up provides customers with practical client workstations, home computers and advanced high-performance gaming systems. All ThinkCP Computing Systems are custom-built, configured, “burned-in” and tested in the USA under our ISO QMS Quality Control procedures. “Real World” staging and testing is also available when required. Extended, On-Site, Keep Your Hard Drive (“KYHD”), 5x8 and 24x7 phone support are among the many custom service options available with ThinkCP Computing Systems. Although the statement sounds trite, we really wonder why anyone would pay more or settle for less. Whether you need one system, dozens of systems or even thousands of systems, ThinkCP will build to suit.