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Why Think Storage Products™?

ThinkCP’s storage solutions experts can help you decide which storage systems are best suited for your unique requirements. Our experts will configure and test each storage solution based on your specific industry/user requirements, software applications and operating system environments. Every storage solution is built using premium quality components then configured and tested in our ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certified facilities. From external “Fire-n-Ice” mobile and desktop drives to fully integrated SAN and NAS solutions, we have products for every storage need.

Complete Storage Solutions

Whether you’re looking for removable or external drives for existing systems or complete JBOD, RAID, SAN, NAS or other file storage and retrieval systems, ThinkCP has the right solutions for all of your storage needs. And ThinkCP provides solutions for every hardware platform including PC, Mac and most proprietary workstations and servers.

Product Partners

ThinkCP provides customers with an enormous selection of proven, high quality custom storage solutions.We work with the industry’s leading hardware and software OEMs to deliver high-performance storage clusters, SANs, NAS, RAID and other solutions designed around the needs of the customer.

What Are The Advantages to Think Storage Products?

• Configurations for virtually every hardware platform, software OS and network environment.

• Tape back up, disk-to-disk and disk-to-tape storage for all platforms, operating systems and all popular
  tape formats. Ask us about tape libraries and other NLS solutions.

• Internal fixed and removable drives for Apple, Dell, IBM, HP, SGI, Sun and other popular graphics,
  rendering and imaging workstations.

• Custom storage products and solutions expertise for Apple. Tested and approved for Apple platforms
  and operating systems. ThinkCP is one of the few solutions providers in the industry with genuine Apple
  expertise and Apple Network storage solutions.

Our products and solutions are covered under some of the industry’s most extensive warranties, ranging
  from one year to lifetime depending on the product line. Extended Warranty, Advance Exchange, Keep
  Your Hard Drive, and On-Site Warranties are also available. Inquire with your account manager for the
  warranty program best suited to fit your needs.

• ThinkCP™ Technologies is an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certified Company.

• Many ThinkCP Technologies products are available on GSA Contract

ThinkCP Technologies TSP-FEDS3-250

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ThinkCP Technologies TSP-FEDS3-500

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ThinkCP Technologies TSP-FEDS3-750

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ThinkCP Technologies TSP-FEDS3-1TB

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ThinkCP Technologies TSP-FEDS3-1.5TB

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ThinkCP Technologies TSP-FEDS3-2TB

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ThinkCP Technologies TSP-FEDS-250

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ThinkCP Technologies TSP-FEDS-500

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ThinkCP Technologies TSP-FEDS-750

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ThinkCP Technologies TSP-FEDS-1TB

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ThinkCP Technologies TSP-FEDS-1.5TB

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ThinkCP Technologies TSP-FEDS-2TB

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