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ThinkTankIQ™ Servers, Clusters And Workstations

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ThinkTankIQ™ Series

Server, Workstation & Cluster Node Solutions for The Enterprise

ThinkTankIQ™ Systems and Solutions feature the latest in extreme bandwidth, advanced multi-processing, all points redundant, compliant green power and administratively manageable computing and data storage technologies built in Think’s ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certified facilities. ThinkTankIQ Systems are among the world’s most powerful, performance driven, quality proven computing solutions at a fraction of the prices you might expect. Each solution is a rich hybrid of the world’s finest quality components, incorporating the best performing solutions from ThinkCP’s Alliance partners.

ThinkTankIQ Cluster System ImageTo improve on perfection – ThinkTankIQ Systems can be modified to suit your exacting specifications, whether you need a minor memory upgrade, a custom engineered enclosure or an extended five year on-site warranty, ThinkCP™ has the solution.

ThinkTankIQ Systems range in power and scope from our essential, entry-level departmental servers through Think’s advanced workstations, scaleable enterprise servers and custom configured, cluster-node arrays. You’ll find Think Systems at many corporations and military/government agencies commonly utilized in the following application environments;

ThinkTankIQ Application Environments

• Data Monitoring/Analysis/Response, Pattern Recognition, Security Applications
• Streaming Broadcast – “Real Time” Streaming Data Analysis
• Distributed Learning & Collaborative MM Workgroup Applications
• Digital Content Creation, Digital/Data Asset Management
• Image Processing, Rapid Prototyping, RW Modeling & Analysis, CAD/CAM

ThinkTankIQ TM Logo Servers, Clusters and WorkstationsThink… Quality – Price – Performance – Scalability… ThinkTankIQ”™

We customize solutions based on each of our customer's requirements. Contact us with your requirements for that perfect system build. Here is a look at some of our recent "Built-To-Order" ThinkTankIQ Solutions -