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ThinkPower™ Systems

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ThinkCP ThinkPower™ Systems Provide You with Freedom, Flexibility and Quality.

ThinkPower™ Systems are Built-to-Order -

    •    Gaming Systems
    •    Home Computer Systems
    •    Office/Client Workstation Systems

What Do You Want?

Do you want us to build your system using exact manufacturers’ brand products and part numbers?

Do you want us to build your system using specific types of components, but want us to research and recommend product brands?

Do you want to tell us your requirements and have us research the components and software best suited to meet your requirements?

Do you want On-Site, Advance Exchange, KYHD/KYSSD (“Keep Your Hard or Solid State Drive”) Warranties?

Okay.  That’s what we do; and we do it all very well.

“How-To” Shop ThinkPower™ Systems - 1 Easy Step.

1. Tell us what you want. 

Why would anyone buy “pre-canned” solutions from tier-1 companies, then try and make those solutions fit their what they want or need? – that’s so “20th Century”.

Doesn’t it make more sense to have the systems built by quality trained technicians using quality parts under tight quality controls?  Buy systems built by a company with more than a quarter century of experience in the computing and technology industry.

Do you want -
Systems with Custom Components?;
Systems with Integrated Software?, or;
Systems with Standard, On-Site, Advance Exchange and KYHD Warranties?

Then Tell Us What You Want

Is The Sky Really The Limit?
Yes – But – There Are 2 Limits On The Low End

There are 2 limits to what we do under the ThinkPower(TM) BTO Program;

(1) We won’t sell “junk components” 

(2) We won’t sell you a configuration that isn’t “intra-compatible”.

(1) No Junk Policy – Even in this day and age, there are still some components that do not meet with our quality standards.  People with industry experience understand the problems with very low-quality components.  For example, our first concern is safety and there are still system cases being manufactured that can cause injury from rough metal edges or unstable power supplies.  In other examples, certain chipsets may not be properly integrated on motherboards and video cards causing system instabilities.  There are also certain components that use low grade IC components which have very high failure rates.  We avoid “junk” components like the plague.  We would not be doing you a service in selling such items, and if you insist on using such components, we genuinely do not want your business.  We want our customers to be fully satisfied with their choices and the best service we can provide to you is to help prevent you from making the mistake of buying “junk” that will not meet your needs.

(2) “Intra-Compatibility” – Of course, the system design must be “intra-compatible” – that is, the components you select must be compatible with the overall system design.  For example; certain motherboards only support specific memory types; hard drives must be compatible with the controller chipset; the system chassis must be compatible with the system case and power supply.  We make certain that all components you want are intra-compatible.

Tell Us What You Want

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