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ThinkCP Technologies TSP-FEDSGRF-250


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ThinkCP Technologies TSP-FEDSGRF-250

Think Fire-n-Ice FEDS™ - 250GB - GOLD - Mobile Encrypted RFID USB2 Drive – FIPS 140-2 Validated Data Encryption & Encrypted RFID Token (2 Factor Authentication)

Featuring 2 Factor Authentication:
• Password Protected FIPS 140-2 Validated Encrypted Data Storage
• AES Encrypted RFID Key (Token)

Currently Government Only Technology

If you lose your drive, who’ll be looking at your data?
What’s on your drive? Nearly everyone with a computer uses portable data devices of some sort – but how many people protect their data? We’ve found some drives over the years, and they often contain both business and personal information, including photos, proprietary information, customer data, communications such as email backups, business plans and proposals, and even personal contact information. There is a difference between being paranoid and protecting your data. The longer you wait, the higher the risks – so what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time to get a solution?

Think Fire-n-Ice™ FEDS RFID Mobile Hard Drives are an easy to use solution. Just wave your RFID key over the hard drive sensor and you can access the drive. Once the RFID lock is open, the FIPS 140-2 encrypted data “vault” requires your password for reading and writing of secured data.

This 2 factor authentication method means somebody would need to crack both the RFID sensor and your password in order to gain access to protected files.
It also allows you to step away from your system briefly with the drive active, provided you’re not logged into the data vault via password.

The unit is durable, self-contained and easy to use. Just plug it into 2 USB ports using the included Y cable or use the included power adapter if you don’t’ have enough USB ports. The drive will prompt you for information so you can personalize your setup. The unit software is self-contained, intuitive and easy to follow.Features at A Glance

• 140-2 FIPS Validated Data Encryption for File & Media Content Storage
• RFID - Encrypted Sensor Authentication – 1 Pass Swipe to Lock or Unlock
• Two Encrypted RFID Keys (Physical Tokens) – User Key and Master “Admin” Key.
• Power/Status LED & Tone Indicators
• USB2.0 “POU” Interface (Power Over USB)
• Internal 2.5 SATA II Hard Drive for Fast Data Transfers
• Sleek & Durable, Professional, Shock-Resistant Design
• Light Weight Aluminum Enclosure Provides Optimal Heat Dissipation

FEDS RFID Mobile Hard Drives

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